4 Tips to Gain Your POWER in 2022

The end of the year often brings a moment of reflection for all of us. As a Royal Realty agent and the company’s marketing manager, I’ve reflected on the last year and also on what my goals are for 2022. The feeling I get is ultimate gratitude for what I’ve been able to accomplish.

The new year is right around the corner! Now is the time to take stock of how 2021 treated you and prepare yourself with a set of goals for 2022. If you’re anything like me, I learned so much about myself through all the challenges. What was most eye opening was that every opportunity and positive experience was attributed to saying “YES!”

I started this year promising myself to say YES to ALL opportunities that presented itself in both my personal and work life.  Saying YES has only enabled me to gain power over my success. Here are some ways you can own your power more in 2022:

 #1. Work towards financial freedom

I moved to Hawaii four years ago with 30 thousand dollars in credit card debt alone. Come June 2022, I’ll be making my last credit card payment and will be DEBT FREE! I played hard ball and was able to settle all my debt and paid between 40-60% of what was owed. Some credit companies were tough to negotiate compared to others, but it’s not impossible. Do what you can to stay on track with your finances, stick to a budget, and be determined to relieve any debts. .

  #2. Hustle for what you want

I started the year with 50 client accounts and ended with my goal of 65 client accounts. What really challenged me this year was managing buildings. When my broker asked me if I wanted to manage my first building, my first feeling was FEAR of failing but I SAID YES anyway. Weeks later, I got my second building. These two buildings helped me reach my professional goal this year. Working hard and hustling when it counts is what will get you to check off those goals. Even if it is a small victory, it is something towards your goal. Work hard!

#3. Believe in yourself

My goal was to close 10 listings/sales this year. I’m now ending this year with 20! The small listing priced at 80k (which I didn’t really want) led to another listing in the building. The property management account that caused me a lot of stress led to a listing this year. Saying YES to even the SMALLEST transactions  lead me to other opportunities. Believe it or not, when you believe in your abilities and swallow your pride or fear, opportunities can happen!

 #4. Investment in your future self

This year I started investing in a retirement plan and my kid’s future. YEAH! This is a big deal because I’m now looking at succession planning and a future beyond myself, and for my kids. The present is always what counts, but the future will be shaped by our decisions today! Take steps that will design a future you can be happy with and proud of.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Jennifer Peele (RS 80159)