Property Management Services

Steps to Renting
1. Take Pictures
2. Advertising
(AHRN, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Youtube, Facebook
Marketplace, Facebook Page, Instagram, Pinterest, Craigslist)
3. Show Property
4. Run Rental Application
5. Sign Lease, Receive Security Deposit
6. Check-In Tenant
7. Collect Rent by the 1st
8. Disperse Rent and Statement to Owners by the 10th
9. Property Repairs as Needed
10. Semi-Annual Inspection (Jan & July)
11. File GET (Jan /July/Reconciliation)
12. Final year-end statement/1099’s
13. Notice to Vacate
14. Start Step 3
15. Check Out Current Tenant

How much is your property’s potential rental amount?

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